Training & Workshops

I offer training and workshops on what to expect when moving abroad, international business practices, and intercultural communication. I’d love to help your organization prepare your people to move abroad or to work with international partners. Please feel feel to feel free to contact me with any specific questions. I am happy to tailor my programs to meet your needs.


The Expat Toolkit

This full-day program is perfect for individuals who are about to go abroad or have recently arrived in a new country. This interactive workshop covers what to expect when you move abroad, dealing with culture shock, intercultural communication, and cross-cultural business practices.

Attendees are provided with several resources and articles to encourage future learning.

This workshop works best with 20 or fewer people. This course is only offered in-person. Please contact me for more information on availability and rates*. I can provide a sample schedule but I’m able to customize this program to your company’s needs.

International Business Practices

This two-hour workshop covers what to expect when working in an international context. The training covers intercultural communication, diverse teams, picking up on cultural cues, and bribes versus gifts.

This program works well for new expats as well as US-based business professionals who are new to working in an international business environment.

This course can be offered in-person or virtually. Please contact me for more information on availability and rates*.

*For Chicago based workshops there are no travel-fees. If your company would like an in-person workshop, I am available to travel in the US and internationally and will include travel costs in my rate quotation.