Frequently Asked Questions



What is an expat coach?

Expatriate coaching is a dialogue between the expat and the coach to establish and accomplish the expat’s goals while they are abroad or returning home. The coach will encourage, motivate, and provide accountability as the expat creates career and/or personal goals. Cross-cultural living provides an excellent opportunity for expats to learn to adjust to new circumstances, create the life and community they want, and thrive in diverse environments.

You may not need a coach to have the expat experience you want, but if you are struggling with your move abroad or return home, then working with a coach can improve your life, guide you to make the changes you want, and help you feel in control of your situation.

What is the difference between expat coaching and therapy?

Both therapists and coaches can help people make changes in their life. If you are struggling with depression, anxiety, substance abuse, grief, or other mental health issues it is best to work with a qualified therapist.

Coaches focus on the present and future and help people identify and work towards their goals. As a coach I will not diagnose past trauma, relationships, or experiences. You can certainly work with a therapist and coach at the same time though.

What’s different about your program from other programs?

I think what’s different about about my coaching packages is that I’ve lived the expat experience, so can offer direct support and understanding for new and seasoned expats. I’ve also lived through the surprises of returning home and reverse culture shock.

I am an experienced higher education professional and have worked in a multi-cultural environment for many years, so I enjoy working with clients on both professional and personal goals. I offer courses on intercultural communication, business practices abroad, and diverse teams, as well as one-to-one coaching for individuals.

What is your background and why are you doing this?

I’ve lived and work internationally for almost 20 years. I’m a TCK, bilingual, have an undergraduate degree in International Relations, and a master’s degree in Public Policy. I’ve worked for several years as the director of international relations for a major research university. I’m originally from the US and have moved back twice, so I know all about reverse culture shock! I have lived and been challenged by the expat experience and I absolutely love it. I’ve experienced the highs and the lows and I know how setting intentional goals can help you create the life you want. I’ve worked with professional coaches and I’ve coached many people - so I also know the value of hiring a coach to work with you. I’m an expat coach because I love the expat experience and I love helping other people experience it fully. I am always learning from others and I love connecting with new people.

How many sessions do I need (which package should I book)?

This is up to you, but in general I’d recommend new or pre-departure expats book either the 3-month package so we have time to analyze your move, culture shock, integration, and long-term goals. The process of culture shock usually takes a full 6 months, if not longer. If you are an established expat who needs to talk through one or two topics, I’d recommend the 1-month package. If you’re having trouble deciding, go ahead and book a free intro call and we’ll discuss!

If after a one to three months of coaching, you feel you need more time, you can book an additional 1-month or 3-month package. If you know in advance you want more than three months, contact me and we can discuss options.

Can we talk prior to me booking a coaching package?

Of course! Coaching is a commitment and I’d love you to feel invested in it and sure of the decision you are making. You can book a free intro call at any time.

What happens if I feel like I’m done with my coaching session?

You have two options if you feel like you’ve completed your goals and are done with coaching for now. You can either hold on to the sessions to use at a later date (within a one-year period) or you can donate the balance of your sessions to someone who can’t afford to pay for regular expat coaching packages. Unfortunately, I don’t offer refunds on packages at this time.

Do you work with young people?

I will consider working with older teens on a case-by-case basis. Coaching is only successful for people who want to be coached. I have lived the experience of leaving my family in another country and returning to my home country for university, so I know many of the challenges facing teen expats. Please contact me if you’d like to book a coaching session for your 16 to 18 year old.

Do you coach couples or groups?

Yes, but with some restrictions. Contact me to discuss.

What are your payment terms?

Full payment of the program is due in advance. Please get in touch with me to purchase my six-week coaching course and I will contact you to schedule our sessions. There are no refunds for programs, so please book a free intro call to make sure coaching is right for you.