Questions to Ask Yourself Before Moving Abroad

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Moving Abroad

Questions for Your Expat Life

So you’re moving abroad? How exciting! It will likely be the best decision you’ve ever made. I 100% believe in the power of the expat experience to grow and challenge you in important ways. As you prepare to move, there are several important questions to ask yourself. Here’s a list of things you should consider:

1.  Where am I going and why am I going there?

2.  What is the visa/residency permit situation? 

3.  How long am I going for? Is there anything that would make me stay for a longer or shorter amount of time?

4.  What does my package include? How will this be funded? Do I know that my salary will cover the kind of lifestyle I expect?

5.  What is the healthcare situation? Is there access to quality healthcare and mental health services? If not, do I have a plan for that?

6.  Will I have a pre-visit or do I know people who've lived there who I can speak to?

7.  What support is there for my partner and family?

8.  What will my children's school situation be like?

9. What will my housing be like?

10. Will the language be an issue?

11. Will any local laws be an issue?

12. What provisions have I made for culture shock?

13. Will there be support for my repatriation?

Download the Worksheet

I’ve created a workbook for pre-departure expats to work through these questions and more. Considering the questions in the workbook will help you get clear on your reasons for going abroad and what you expect from your new country. If you’d like to do this with someone else, consider booking a free coaching call with me!

With over 20 years of expat experience, Emily Wilson is a skilled expatriate coach and trainer. She is the director of international relations at a major research university. Emily has lived in Qatar, Jordan, the UAE, and China. She is bilingual and a TCK. Emily has a Master's Degree in Public Policy from Northwestern University.

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